Interview with Kathryn Witherington – Economic Development Coordinator of Columbia County

I had an amazing experience sitting down with Kathryn Witherington at the Port of Columbia County in Dayton Washington. Kathryn has fairly recently set down roots in Dayton with her family, finding it an extremely enjoyable location to raise her children. As the Economic Development Coordinator Kathryn maintains a focus on what is best for the community and the ability to continue economic prosperity. Whether that means helping a business secure a loan or renting out an event booth to a sole proprietor that runs a business out of their homes.

We also focused on where Kathryn hopes to help lead the Walla Walla Valley and how Internet Technologies and Social Media are playing a critical role even in the small businesses of Columbia County. We spoke about how even a small town business person is beginning to have to be concerned about terms previously only meant for big city firms, things like “brand awareness” and “community engagement” are just a couple things we mention in the podcast, which you can listen to going to

Kathryn spoke about a special organization in Columbia County that she holds in very high regard, I’m going to make you listen to the podcast to find out more about who this special organization could be.

Finally we covered how business owners and potential business owners can get in contact with Kathryn, below you will find her contact information and I challenge any business owner to contact her and see how she can help you take your business to the next level.

To Contact Kathryn:
Phone: 509-382-2577

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